I spent most of yesterday afternoon at the ball field.

As a side note, it should be absolutely no surprise by this point that I looked in the mirror at 8:30 pm and realized I looked like a Well-Known Restaurant Mascot. I even put sunscreen on halfway through the day, but I was obviously too late.

Anyway, G-Bunny had her softball game first and made it to second base on her second and last at bat. We had a 2 hour break in between games, so we came home for a bit. The kids and I cleaned out Hubby’s car and washed it for him. I watered all the front flower containers and hanging baskets. I sorted through the entire Storage portion of the garage looking for the bleacher seats, which I found in the very last box. (I still haven’t found the 2 pairs of gray baseball pants I know we have somewhere and I’m not holding my breath for this season.) Then, it was back to the ball field for T-Man’s T-Ball game. Thankfully, the weather was not snowing or raining beautiful. It was also his snack day.  We brought CapriSun Roarin’ Waters, Chewy Granola Bars and Red Doritos.

After the game, I made macaroni and cheese for dinner, perfect because Hubby was working late. Both kids were showing signs of being outside on our first nice AND active day.  T-Man was asleep on the futon by 8:30 pm and I had to leave him there, since I can’t carry him anymore.  G-Bunny and I watched a couple of episodes of Jon and Kate Plus 8 I was saving on the DVR and then she went to bed without a peep.

Hubby came home about 10:45 pm and grabbed some food while we chatted about our days. I fell asleep sometime around midnight watching something I don’t even remember right now. Yawn…