This is my current favorite picture and the header above is a crop from it. I have been busy playing with the 400-ish shots on my memory cards and learned a few things.

IMG_7143 Orchid

This is straight out of the camera goodness. Well, except for the watermark I added to prevent the stealing.

I took it at the Zoo, amid a bunch of others that didn’t turn out as well, and was so surprised when I looked at my photos just the other day.

Which, since we went to the zoo the last day of March and we are now almost at the last day of April, tells you how much I dread pulling up and viewing the 200 or so 5+ mega-pixel photos I tend to shoot in a day out. The more I want to do with my photos, like posting them to Flickr, the more I was realizing that the software I have is just Not Working for me. So, I went off in search of prices for PhotoShop. After I recovered from the price tag shock, I went looking for updates to the program I currently have.

And I found this: ACDSee Pro 2

It is an upgrade from the older version I already have, but outgrew and stopped using all the time. I have downloaded the free trial and so far, I love it. I can quickly and easily put the watermark on my photos, crop and resize all from the same screen. That alone saves me about 3 minutes a photo. I uploaded a batch of new photos to Flickr yesterday, including this one.

I really don’t believe in editing and messing with them, so they are all straight out of the camera shots, unless I’ve cropped out unwanted strangers or excess background. The same as I do when I scrapbook.

This might just be worth the $90 to upgrade. At the very least, I may get all the photos uploaded before the trial runs out.