I was awakened this morning at 4 am.

First, I thought it was a cat puking. When I checked on tripped over the kitties, they were just meowing and pacing in the hallway. Hubby had reset his alarm and instead of getting up to start his day, he had climbed back into bed and they wanted their treats. I poked my head in on the T-Man, who was soundly sleeping with his lamp still on. I left him alone and crawled back into bed.

And then I lay there with thoughts racing and wondering what had woken me up.

Then I heard it. The furnace. It was running.

That meant the house was colder than 62*. That meant it was colder than 40* outside. I snuggled deeper and finally fell back to sleep.

When I rolled out of bed at 7:30 am, I was already bleary eyed and cranky, after hitting the snooze button in desperation for just a few more minutes. I would have loved to actually be Evil Twin Mom that shoves the kids out the door with a smooch and a cereal bar and climbs back into bed. However, I can’t turn to the Dark Side on Wednesdays. That is my Day At the School.

So, I gamely got ready for my day and headed downstairs. I even wore a cute sweater because I had remembered about the furnace. I double-checked the thermometer. 35* I can deal with that. It will warm up with the sun. I looked out the back window. Rain. Crap. And then I looked again. Double Crap. I guess ignoring the forecasts didn’t work this time.

It was trying to snow. Again.