I good friend of mine calls it Mack Truck Thursday. You know, because you feel like you just got hit with a Mack Truck?

Let’s just go for the list, shall we?

  • This was week 1 of 5, counting down to the Finale Brunch of our Daniel Bible Study. I forced myself to go today yesterday. My homework? Not done. Prepared to share and comment? Nope. Up early to get the day started off right? Again, no. I barely got the kids to school on time, raced home for a quick shower and got there 15 minutes late. But I’m glad I went.
  • We saw our first hummingbird at our feeders this morning yesterday morning. It was bright red and if it comes back I will try to capture it with the camera. My hope is that they will be regulars this summer.
  • Hubby is doing inventory at work this week. He is working such crazy hours that the kids haven’t seen him in two days. It also means I’m up late with him and not on my normal routine.
  • I had to break the news to the kids that Brooke went home on American Idol last night this week. We consoled ourselves by buying 5 songs off iTunes before school. (You can highlight the blank area there if you don’t know who went home, but want to or leave it alone if you haven’t watched the DVR/Tivo yet.)
  • The five songs we I purchased: Forever in Blue Jeans – Jason Castro, Dream On – Michael Johns, Little Sparrow – David Cook, Always Be My Baby – David Cook and Pocketful of Sunshine – Natasha Bedingfield.
  • I finally spend my gift certificate at the craft store today yesterday. I bought 2 skeins of yarn, 2 sets of needles, a pack of 3 measuring tapes, 2 bud vases and a pack of replacement blades for my paper trimmer. It’s the 3rd time I’ve been in there trying to decide what I needed.

Friday Morning:

See? Thursday kicked my behind!

I even hit the wrong button and it didn’t publish…

Last night was T-Ball practice, followed by a Softball game. Hubby made it to the last inning of the softball game and G-Bunny got to drive home in his car. There was a smattering of dinner, snacks, homework finishing and Rock Band before bed at 9 pm.

I was in bed early for the first time all week, but realized that the tickle in my throat was worse. I took an Airborne and hoped for the best. By midnight, I couldn’t breathe out of the left side of my nose. I am dragging today and just thankful that it is Friday and Hubby has the weekend off. There is nothing on the calendar except for the ball games on Saturday afternoon.

Today’s plan is to knit up the pair of socks on the needles right now, while listening to the rest of the audio book I have been trying to finish. I might even work in a nap.

Have a good Friday!