Things are better.  I realized I left it hanging and hadn’t updated.

I am still sick.  It’s a sinus/cough thing that interferes with my sleep, so that makes me tired AND miserable.  Usually by 2 pm I’m feeling better, push myself to get all the stuff I’ve let slip done and then the next morning I feel like another truck ran over me.

Hubby and I are better.  We hashed some things out yesterday when the kids were in school.  We went and looked at another possible house on acreage too.  This one is one I’m willing to look at.  Ha! It has a manufactured house, with a garage/shop and an old farmhouse that would be really cool restored.  If we can’t restore the farmhouse, we’ll keep looking.

Yesterday was T-Man’s Mother’s Day Lunch.  I got to have lunch with him in his classroom (I took Subway), he served me dessert and then I went out to recess with him.  They made me play freeze tag.  Hubby took lunch and had lunch with G-Bunny and went out to recess with her.

Today I am off to chaperone the Beach Day Field trip for G-Bunny’s class.  It’s actually sunny and I remembered the sunscreen!

Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in before we go to Softball.