I’ve been feeing nostalgic lately.

It could be because the kids have been more interested in stories from my childhood. It could be the unexpected, yet very welcome emails I have received from friends I had in High School. It could be the thought of actually going to my 15 year high school reunion this summer. It could be the end of the school year and the reflection that always brings for me. It could be that one of my first thoughts on Mother’s Day was that it was a year ago that we found out we were moving back to Washington.

In any case, I’ve been looking at where I am in my life with a critical eye this week. How do I wrap up what I’ve done in the last 15 years into a neat package with a bow? How do I prepare myself for the possibility that friends that knew me the best back then might not like how I’ve grown up? What if I don’t like how they’ve grown up?

That’s when I realized that we were just kids back then. Some things just don’t matter. Like whether or not I put little hearts instead of dots on the “i’s” in my name (5th grade) or if my hair is long or short or if I weigh 25 pounds over my ideal BMI. I surely hope that the guys have filled out into their adult frames and that I’m not the only woman to have had kids and realized that things didn’t get put back the same way.

The part of going to the reunion that concerns me (and I’m sure everyone else) is what I do about the people that haven’t grown up? I like to think I’m finally at a place where I can not be bothered by what others say, but that’s always been a tightrope for me.

I tried to make a list of the things in my life that are important now or were important along the way. I considered pie charts, a photo slideshow for every year, a life scrapbook and finally, a memoir. As if any of that is going to happen in the next two months.

What it all came down to is this: my Faith and my Family. Everything else is extra.