I was thinking last night about the movie lines we have turned into our everyday lingo here at our house.

Things like:

“It’s a lulu.” – context: Used to warn of risky or silly behavior. ie. while hiking on slick rocks.

From A River Runs Through It

“The pen is blue!” – context: Whenever the very obvious is the last thing we think of or realize.

From Liar, Liar

“Bob’s Road” – context: When the navigator doesn’t understand what the driver is asking for and we get lost. We often end up on “Bob’s Road.”

From Twister

“Run, Forrest, Run” – context: often for potty stops, second trips into the house for forgotten things and to hurry things along in general.

From Forrest Gump

“Norman’s not funny.” – context: Whenever Hubby thinks he’s funny at my expense and it’s really not. Saying that makes it funny.

From A River Runs Through It

“Where’s my Super Suit?” – context: Looking for things in the closets. This often leads into the whole scene replay with the kids.

From The Incredibles

“Tasty cow, Aunt Meg.” – Pretty much anytime we have beef.

From Twister

“De-le-ted” – forgetting or canceling things

From Liar, Liar

Can you name any of those movies???