I didn’t mean to be gone a week, but there has been much going on and I had to whack something off the list.

Hubby took a three day weekend last weekend, since there is no chance in taking Memorial Day off. He had the best weather and we were definitely out enjoying it.

Friday afternoon we shopped for groceries and set up this:

Pool Start
And did a lot of this:


And the sun was starting to set when we got this far – a little more than halfway…

Halfway Pool

In order to make the swimming pool christening official, someone had to dunk their head under the water. The weather was warm, but the pool was still straight out of the hose cold. It took bribery to get this done.

One Dollar

And this one is priceless:

T-Man Pool Shock

After the kids turned purple and G-Bunny’s friend went home, we put the cover on and headed inside.

Goodnight Pool

Saturday morning was already hot and the kids were in the pool first thing. We had ball games in the afternoon. I painted my toenails and took pictures from my perch on the patio while Hubby mowed the yard.  We headed to the ball fields about 11:45 am and got home shortly before 7 pm.  There was a quick stop at the fruit stand on the way home, but the rest was sitting in the 95* weather and drinking as much water as possible.

Sunday morning was still hot and I was miserable from my Saturday sunburns. My shoulders got most of it and I just last night was able to sleep on my side again.

New FlipFlop Sunburn

I took more fun pictures of the kids:

T-Man Fishbowl

and my new Pool Boy.

Pool Boy

Sunday evening, we had some friends over to BBQ and hang out. We were all sitting on the patio when we heard The Music.

Ice Cream Man

We ate dinner and introduced them to the addiction fun of Rock Band.

New Band Members

They went home about 10 pm – after we realized that it was really late!

Monday morning was rough on everyone. Hubby works later on Monday, so we all had a late morning. The kids didn’t even get up until 8:30 am and I just took them to school late.  It’s not like they are learning really in depth stuff two weeks before school is out.  I had a meeting for a new ministry opportunity at 10 am in town and didn’t make it home until after 2 pm. The kids crashed in front of the TV after school – a rare treat for them and I caught up on the computer.

Tuesday was a blur and Wednesday we went on T-Man’s field trip to the Pacific Science Center. Hubby went along and we had a good time. I got a lot of shots like this in the Butterfly House.


Thursday (yesterday) was lost to a migraine. I haven’t slept well all week and it caught up to me. I couldn’t drive anywhere safely, so I missed the last video of my Bible Study. I did finish the book I started on Wednesday afternoon and got halfway through the second in the series.

My parents had a tornado blow through their town, doing damage and taking out the phones and power. Most of the damage is on the other side of town, but there are more storms predicted for this afternoon and they are staying prepared to flee to the basement.

Today, the kids don’t have school and I got to sleep in a bit. I finished the second book this morning and I plan to start the third later this afternoon. I tested the pool water and have started to mess with the chemicals. Good thing Chemistry was a good subject for me in school!

Hubby brought home Wii Fit last night and I will be hooking that up shortly to play with T-Man. G-Bunny has a friend over for the afternoon and that means we get to hang out together.

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