First of all, my Wii thinks knows I’m fat.

It doesn’t come right out and say it, but there is a nifty little scale for the BMI ranges and it plumps you up depending on your personal stats. I’m technically OVERWEIGHT (no surprise there), but I still had to make a plan to lose the 22 pounds it wants me to. It heckled me the second time I weighed in and weighed more that the first time. I learned to pay attention to the clothes I’m wearing and click the correct category.

It is a nicely camouflaged bathroom scale. If you are setting this up for the first time, don’t do it around family or friends you don’t want to know your weight or BMI. There is a place to password protect this information and keep it private.

That said, once you get to the games, they are pretty fun.

The Table Tilt is crazy hard and I haven’t played it more than twice. I am loving the (Super) Hula Hoop though. I actually had sore legs from it the other day. I did a couple of the Yoga and strength exercises and found them to be tricky on the Balance Board, but manageable. I kept feeling like I was going to fall off the Balance Board whenever I had to stand on one leg. The step aerobics is fun – if you are familiar at all with step it’s a breeze. (We all laughed at Hubby the first time he tried it.) The ski jumping is fun and easy to master. The soccer ball heading is a bit tricker, but after about 5 games I’ve got the hang of it. The ski slalom is very touchy. I grew up skiing and my natural turn and carve motion is way to much pressure for the sensors. I’ll have to practice it more.

I’ve started doing the “exercises” when the kids and Hubby are gone and I can concentrate. I’ll play the games with everyone, but skip the weigh in. There is a little Piggy Bank that keeps track of the time you put in and that’s a nice reminder/motivator, as well as unlocking games and play features in the future.

My thoughts: Buy it for the games and for motivation to get off the couch. Don’t take it too seriously. If I keep going with it, I might just start and stick with some real exercise plan.