It’s June. Already. Yikes!

I woke up this morning to the slamming repeated opening and shutting of dresser drawers. At 4:25 am. Once I fetched the missing shirt from the basket of folded laundry downstairs and crawled back into bed, I couldn’t fall back to sleep. My mind was racing with thoughts, as it can only do in the barely light, pre-dawn hours, about nonsense stuff that doesn’t even make the radar in the light of day. That and I was too hot, then too cold. I finally just got up at 5:35 am. Yawn.

However, a few other things have happened today.

1. School is out next week. The reality of this is setting in quickly. The kids don’t have homework I need to force them to do. There is nothing to log their reading times on everyday. They are coming home from school already bored and needing something to do. I have the solution in progress – I just need to finish it up.

2. We had to switch mortgage brokers today. The other lender is apparently incompetent. My agent called this morning and shed some light as to why it’s taking so long for our pre-approval, along with the names of two brokers that should be able to help us. One of them has already called me and is working on our stuff as I type. Well, unless she is at lunch right now.

3. It is raining. Again. The little guy I’m watching has a hurt toe right now and can’t wear a shoe. He’s wearing a sandal until the toe is less sensitive and he can put a shoe on again. However, that doesn’t help me to get him to and from school with dry feet. And? I just got the chemicals in the pool correct yesterday.

4. Gas is up to $4.29 for regular ($4.49 for premium) in our little town. It physically hurts me to drive the kids back and forth to school. See #3. We may not be going to the zoo as much as I wanted to this summer.

5. Hubby has a 4-day weekend this weekend and will need expect want me to entertain spend lots of time with him. It will be a very long weekend if it keeps raining like the forecast is telling me and we are all trapped inside. Gulp.

I think I will declare it a Movie Afternoon, pop some microwave popcorn and make another pot of coffee.