We found, put in an offer and had our offer accepted on a house yesterday. Hopefully, we will be closing July 23.  (It may take longer, but we will worry about that if/when it happens.)  Which means that I need to start packing, sorting and cleaning now, so that we can take our vacation at the beginning of July.

So you want to know about the new house?

We will gain about 100 square feet of inside space, but go down to a two car garage.  It doesn’t have the 4th bedroom I really wanted, but the truth is we don’t really need one since we don’t have many visitors.  The people that do come to see us are fine with sleeping on the futon in the family room.  It is about halfway finished in the basement, but a good weekend of work will make a good dent in the work to be done.  The walls are already sheetrocked, taped and mudded, so we will have to finish any mudding, sanding and then the painting.  They currently have rugs on the subfloor, so we will just put pergo or carpet in and be done with it.  The yard is trashed, but fixable.  There is room for the pool, a garden and some patio space in the back and with a little TLC the curb appeal will be awesome.  The front yard also has some kind of fruit trees, plums I think, that will be very pretty in the spring and might produce fruit for us this fall.

I planted all of our plants this year in containers so that we can move them with us.  My red and white bleeding hearts are doing really well, as are both fushia baskets from the back.  There are two pots of daisies, a geranium, a pot of spring bulbs and two mixed pots, as well as 3 more baskets and a railing container from the front. We will have to find or make a good spot for the bird feeders and the bird bath, since there are no mature trees on the lot like we have here.

Anyway,  there’s lots to do all of a sudden.  I will be digging out the moving notebook this weekend and updating everything.  I’ll start packing up the lesser used items to move and start the sorting for a garage sale things next week.  I usually break it down in to a boxes per day goal to keep it manageable.

Maybe I need to post my moving tips and secrets as I go.