We are still trudging through all the house buying stuff, but the seller is seeming to step in the way every time we think we are making progress.  The house is a preforeclosure, so you would think that he would be accommodating and helpful so that we can actually buy the house before it goes into auction.  Well, maybe you are more street savvy than we are and you know what is going on.  In fact, they need to bump up the closing date by a week in order to prevent the auction.

Anyway, we arranged to have the inspection on Monday morning.  Hubby changed his day off and we packed all three kids in the car.  We were about to pull out of the driveway when our agent called and told us that the inspector was almost done.  After an hour?  Turns out that the water was turned off and he couldn’t do half the inspection.  *grumble*

When we got there, we walked through the house with the inspector to see what he had found and that allowed us to take a closer look than the last time we were there.  We realized that the basement has a lot more work than we originally thought and the water being turned off explains why some things are so messy.  The kids got to see the inside for the first time and I took some pictures.  Of all the crap that is still in the house.

Then?  (You knew there was a then.)  The owner showed up.  Twice.  To get things out of the house.  Our agent asked him about the water and it was pretty clear from his reaction that he expected us to just take him at his word that it worked.  (We already had him admit that the garage door opener didn’t work, the second time we send the disclosure form to his agent.)  Our agent had to write up a new addendum asking for an extension and gave him until the 23rd to get the water bill paid and turned back on.  We have 3 days after that to redo the inspection.  If he can’t figure it out, we will walk and have to start looking for another house to buy.

My gut tells me that something is up with the plumbing…

So, I’m halfheartedly packing.  Our summer vacation plans are still up in the air and we are less than 2 weeks away from our planned dates.  We haven’t done any camping or day trips either, but that’s not just due to the house and moving plans.

The weather has been horrible.  It’s the middle of June and the kids have been able to use the pool about 5 times.  Friday night we got home and realized the rain overfilled the downhill side of the pool and we lost about half the water down the hill before it stabilized.  I refuse to refill it or mess with the chemicals if we are just going to take it down in a couple of weeks.

The kids are on their 4th day of Summer Vacation, not counting weekends.  They are already bored.  At least that’s what they say by 9 am every weekday morning.  I have a suspicion that it isn’t so much that they are bored, but that they want me to stop babysitting a certain additional child.  I only say that because when he’s not here, they play well and laugh all day long, without my constant involvement and referee skills.

I’m really hoping it’s just an adjustment period.  For all of us.  It’s been harder on me than I thought too.

For example, I looked into taking the bus to the zoo?  It would be 5 hours on the bus (2.5 hours each way) and about 3 hours at the zoo.

No.  Way.  In.  Hell.