What a crazy couple of days!

Just when I was feeling the pressure to pack more than the 4 boxes that are sitting in the living room, (for a move in about 3 weeks) we found out yesterday that there are still issues with the water being turned on and that it would be unlikely that our offer will even be accepted by the banks that own the property. The seller’s agent and our agent had a little pow-wow and we were advised last night to rescind our offer and look elsewhere.

I have mixed feelings about this, but mostly I’m relieved. That house was going to require a lot of work to finish the basement and clean up the upstairs. It didn’t have the 4th bedroom I really want and I wouldn’t be able to watch a certain additional child. It wasn’t a flat lot and the kids were worried about not having a place to set up the pool. The reason I was OK with buying it was the great deal on the purchase price. The finish work isn’t a huge deal for us and the payoff would have been worth it. The neighborhood was great and the town is more appealing than where we are now.

That being said, the whole “Must Buy a House” is Hubby’s idea. I’m happy to stay put in the rental we are in, until Hubby decides 1. What in the heck he’s going to do for his next career move and 2. That we aren’t going to be having to pack up and move again in 2 years or less. His answer for that is we will just have to live centrally – to the entire Puget Sound area and if we move again, the company will buy the house.

Not what I wanted to hear.

So, I lost it yesterday when he said this was all about me. I brought up the promise he made when we bought the new car (oh yes I did!) and the fact that we ARE looking for houses, less than two months later. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I want, but rather what will keep the peace in the house.

Last night, we decided that taking a vacation and not moving for the second summer in a row would be the best idea. I called my parents and told them we would be coming to town after all. I emailed all the plans early this morning and started looking for maps, routes and planning for the gas costs online. We also agreed last night, to officially restart the house hunt on July 15th, when we returned from vacation. However, our agent called this morning to check in and before I knew what was happening, I had agreed to look at 4 houses here in town today. I’ve told Hubby I’m not putting an offer on anything today, but we might just find “The House” and I’ll end up eating my words.

All I know is I resorted to Katie’s moving technique and I have this to show for it:

Moving Sock