Now that the house deal is off, I am in full Road Trip planning mode. I have pulled out the camping packing list and searched the Google maps. I think we have a route planned, but we are running into conflicts with the dates to come home.

We will take two days to drive there – it is almost 1300 miles to my parent’s house. We will cut down through Idaho on the way there, stopping in Yakima to have breakfast with a friend from Juneau that lives there now. We will drive through the town we lived in when we got married and we will laugh at the kids when they smell the sugar beet refinery smell. (I’m glad we are planning on blowing right through there because it really doesn’t bring back very many happy memories.) Tomorrow I’ll type out the best story from that time for posterity.

Anyway, we will keep driving for a few more hours and hopefully find a campground with available spots right before dinner. We are planning a scenic long-cut (we have driven it once before on the way to our wedding – part of that story I’ll work on tomorrow) and a stop in Fossil Butte for the kids. They are interested in fossils and dinosaurs, so this will just be a cool kick-off to the homeschool year!

Then we will drive across the most boring part of Wyoming. Hubby actually got mad at me the first time we drove it – as if it was my fault there was nothing to look at and no towns for miles. I’m bringing the iPod and the DVD player for this stretch!

We will arrive at my parents, see my BFF from high school for the first time in about 10 years sometime that weekend, go to a few rodeos and maybe a Demolition Derby.

The departure date is still up in the air because of a couple of things.

My 15th High School Reunion is the 12th. I really don’t want to stay just for that, but Hubby is willing to go mingle and I might not get the chance again. However, the only people I really want to see I will have already seen or might not be able to make it.

So the alternative plan is to work in the following requirements…

1. Hubby has to be back at work on the 15th for a Secret Squirrel meeting.
2. He really wants to work in some quality fishing time on the St. Joe River in northern Idaho.
3. If we are to fish the St. Joe, we will have to leave before the reunion and take the loop route home. (We would head north on I-25, going through Bozeman, Montana (where we met and I went to college) and Spokane, ending up back home sometime on or before the 14th.)

Road Trip Grand Total = 2584 miles

I’m working on finalizing the return trip and we should have things figured out in a couple of days. The camping gear will go for a test run in the yard this weekend and I’ll have to see if we can get it all in the Magnum.

This is so much more fun than looking for houses!