1. I finished the second sock and now have a very nice pair of matching socks for myself.

2. I need to call or email everyone who is a part of making The Summer Roadtrip of 2008 possible. That includes, but is not limited to: my mom, my aunt and the boy I’m hoping to hire to feed the cats/water the flowers/bring in the mail/mow the lawn while we are gone.

3. The weather is very nice today. It’s almost pool time (75*) and that will make my afternoon go much smoother. It’s my perfect Goldilocks temperature too. (not too hot, not too cold)

4. There is a Big Small-Town Extravaganza in town tomorrow, celebrating the mountain road opening from the huge flood damage in 2004. We were here for that storm and the entire time we were in Alaska, the road was under construction. There will be tons going on, lots of people to go hang out with and fireworks at the end of the night.

5. The weather is due to spike into the 90’s for the weekend. Yesterday? It was 65* and overcast.

6. I need to haul all of the camping gear out to the yard this afternoon and sort through it. We camped right before we moved last year and I have no idea where everything got packed. I’m also planning on setting up the tent and the kids and I can sleep out there tonight. Hubby has to work all weekend, so I suspect he’ll be inside with the alarm clock and the remote to himself.

7. I need to plan the menu for our week, buy groceries and anything else we need for the trip. So far, I know I need a new sleeping bag for myself, a couple of small duffel bags for the kid’s clothes and some summer shirts for G-Bunny. I also need to work in a haircut sometime this weekend.

*adding: ream of printer paper, car snacks, batteries for the CD players, maybe ink for the printer

8. I need to finish the laundry, pack what clothes we need and put the rest away.

9. I need to pull the kid’s activity backpacks* together and add some new stuff. So much can change in a year and the things in T-Man’s kit is below his level now. I need to add more reading material and more printed sheets. I will have to find the marker sets and bags they go in too.

10. I have to do a thorough check and double-check of all the knitting projects, puzzle books, camera gear, iPod with all the cords and the DVD player with movies.

11. I need to go play lifeguard and enjoy the sun!

*The activity backpacks will get their own post.

Have a Great Friday!