Fav T-Man, originally uploaded by CraftyMama11.

This is my favorite shot from yesterday! It finally cooled down enough to run through the sprinkler about 7 pm. I sat in the setting sun, enjoying a slight breeze on the back patio and snapped pictures as the kids ran in and out of the water. I was hoping to capture some of the silliness, but was blown away by this one! There are a few more uploaded to Flickr too.

We did very little yesterday as the weather got hotter and hotter. We ventured up to town and were disappointed by the Extravaganza. They were charging $5 a child to climb a 25′ rock wall, $1 for face painting, $.50 for the bouncy house, etc. We walked the main street hoping for more luck in the craft fair, only to find over-priced (like $600!) and shoddy quilts, a bird house booth and a couple of woodworking/pottery/photography booths. We headed home after about 30 minutes in the 95* weather to eat lunch and watch a movie.

Hubby is the only one of us that likes warm weather, so he had to bring home dinner last night and we polished off most of a large watermelon by the end of the evening.

He headed to bed early, while the kids and I stayed up for the fireworks. They were to start at 9:30 pm, but it was barely dark. At 10 pm, I had the kids jump in the car and we drove up to a parking lot to see what was going on. We had a great front-row seat for the fireworks when they started about 10:15 pm. We were quick home and the kids were in bed about 10:45 pm. I didn’t go to bed for another hour because it was still too hot for me to sleep!

Of course the kids were up at 7:15 this morning!

Unfortunately, it’s even hotter today, 100.1 according to the gauge right now, so we are slowly melting all over the furniture, watching TV and moving slowly.

We will be doing better as soon as the temperatures are back down in the 80* range. There has already been a request to move back to Alaska this morning.