New Haircut, originally uploaded by CraftyMama11.

Three posts in less than 24 hours! It’s a miracle!

I had my daughter take this picture just after we got back from dinner out with my parents tonight. We got a little dressed up and went to Corona Village. Since I was dressed for it, I thought a little photo shoot would be in order.

Stylist Therapy was just what I needed today. She shampooed and conditioned, told me I had great hair, was surprised that I had two kids and no gray hairs and refused to mess with “the great palette” any more than she needed to. She dried and straightened and curled and fussed over me while we chatted about life, soulmates and taking care of myself. She gave me some great insight from a different perspective too.

I walked out of there feeling great, came home and actually went out to the water park in a bathing suit. I didn’t swim – the water slide was closed – but I did lounge in the sun, listening to my iPod and chatting with my mom until it started raining. That was a bit more than a baby step!

Tomorrow we head home. Two long days in the car and real life to face at the end of the trip. We have decided not to buy a house right now, which I am relieved has happened. We will stay renting for now and see what happens in a couple of months.

I’ll be back Sunday night or Monday morning from home!