What a crazy trip!

I think I’ve been through all my different emotions in a couple of weeks time. I didn’t lose my best friend after all – I over-reacted, freaked out and stressed myself out over nothing important. I’ve been know to do that before. Things are better now, even though it didn’t turn out like I thought it would.

Yesterday was reserved for unpacking, cleaning up and getting ready for the week. It was a very long day after a very long drive. Hubby went back to work today and my additional child is here too. It’s actually nice to have him back!

The wrap up of the drive home is in this last photo. We were at a rest stop near Ellensburg and a man told us that Mount St. Helens erupted. I took this picture and we hopped back in the car. I called my mom from the road and she couldn’t find anything online about it. Turns out it was just a fire!

Mt. Adams Fire

I’m working on cleaning up my craft room this week and organizing all the photos from the trip. I have email to catch up on and real life to deal with.