Crazy Aquarium Quilt, originally uploaded by CraftyMama11.

I got out the sewing machine on Friday, when my creative muse appeared out of nowhere and I thought I’d finish an old top I found while cleaning my craft space the other day. Actually, it all started when I found a top I’ve forgotten even piecing together and started digging around a little bit more. I have several tops that need to be quilted and a whole 18-gallon tote of blocks that need to be pieced into tops. I picked this one to start with because I already had the backing ready to go, so I pinned it all together and got it on the machine before I lost momentum.

This top is the Woven Ribbons pattern and according to my quilt notebook, I pieced the top back in 2002. I remember buying the tropical fish fabric and then pulling out all the primary colors the shop had to match for the ribbons. I was planning the quilt for a baby of some friends, to go in the sea themed nursery, but that baby is now 4 years old and his little sister is in the nursery. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the quilt when I finish it, but I’m happy just to be able to sit down and sew on it for a bit everyday.

Confession time: I haven’t finished a quilt in a couple of years.

The first reason was my sewing machine isn’t exactly portable and when we lived in Alaska, I was out doing things a lot of the time. Knitting fit that on-the-go lifestyle much better and I cranked out many a scarf at playgroup.

The second reason is because the last big project I worked on was a comfort quilt for a guild member with Breast Cancer. I sewed madly on it, in hopes that it would be what she needed to keep fighting. Sadly, about two weeks after she got the quilt, she lost her battle. I was crushed. Somehow all of the good thoughts, prayers and energy we had put into that quilt hadn’t saved her. I realize that I had no control over that outcome, but it did keep me away from the sewing machine for a good long while.

So now, when I need a little comfort in my own life and an escape from the day-to-day drama going on here, I can sit down, turn up the tunes and get lost in the hum of my machine.

I’m determined that something good will come out of this mess that is my life right now.