This morning started very early. A certain additional child was dropped off at 6 am this morning, so my alarm went off at 5:30 am. Way too early for having been up until nearly midnight.

I rolled out of bed about 5:45 am, stretched my way downstairs to check out the sunrise:

21 Sunrise

And pour myself some coffee:

21 Coffee

I tried taking some self-portraits in the mirror, for total disclosure, but that isn’t going to happen. I could take a week’s vacation with the bags under my eyes! Plus, it was so early, I wasn’t thinking clearly.

21 First Things

Instead, I plopped down in my comfy chair for some quiet computer time.

21 Computer Time

I have a pretty awesome reflective view of the yard behind me in my monitor:

21 Monitor Reflection

Pretty soon my kids were up for the day. I lost my chair when I went up to take a shower.

21 Morning G

And I started the never-ending job of feeding the masses for the day. One was breakfast:

21 Breakfast T

And the other is dinner:

21 Roast for Dinner

All that was done by:

21 Next Things

At least one of the kids knows it’s summer break and can sleep past 8 am. Unfortunately, he’s not mine.

21 Sleeping In

I finished a book that inspired me to plan a relaxing weekend getaway for myself. I have permission to start looking at hotels and spas, I just can’t decide when and where to go. I really don’t want to be close enough to have Hubby call me home every time there is trouble and a little time in the car on my own sounds good right now. I’ve got to wait for my budget to be decided and go from there:

21 Spa Girls

The cats played in the sun streaming into the kitchen.

21 Winston in the Sun

And I put some chemicals in the pool and lounged in the sun on the patio until I got cold. Yes, it was sunny, but the 65* air temperature and the coastal breeze sent me scurrying to my closet for a fleece jacket. One of the stray cats also snagged a chipmunk right off the base of the tree, so that ruined the peaceful mood out there for me. The kids played nicely together for a while, until it all of a sudden fell apart and I was about to rip my hair out from the constant whining.

So, we watched a movie instead.

21 Movie

As soon as the movie was over, it was lunchtime. And yes, I scrubbed the clock clean too!:

21 Noon

And I made lunch:

21 Picking out the Seeds

Hubby made a surprise visit home to eat lunch and grab the checkbook. He’s not been able to do this once since we moved back to the Lower 48, so I was truly surprised to see him in the middle of the day. He was at another store this morning and stopped in on his way back to his store. He ate, talked to the kids and ran out the door:

21 Home for Lunch

The kids are anxious to go to the store this afternoon. A certain additional child’s birthday party was on Saturday and we didn’t make it. I was feeling very lazy migraine-ish and wanted to finish watching my So You Think You Can Dance recordings on the DVR, the kids were fighting the sniffles, while getting on my last nerve and it was at least an hour in the car both ways. No thanks.

So, I said we could have a special outing today to go pick out a gift. But first! My son’s death trap of a room needed to be cleaned up.

Exhibit One:

21 Disaster Zone

Exhibit Two:

21 The Other Half

And after 40 minutes of the three two of them working on it:

21 Cleaner Room

We were off like a herd of turtles:

21 Target

And we got loot! I picked up a DS game for T-Man, who has a birthday coming up this weekend. One that I’m not even ready for and I’m not even stressing about it yet. I am powered by Mt. Dew again, so I picked up an extra 12 pack. It also helps me not panic about family coming over this weekend and the amount of cleaning I need to get done. The kids were very good in the store too, so it was a successful trip!

21 Target Loot

A certain additional child is very happy with his gift. Ratatouille for his DS.

21 Birthday Game

We were only gone about an hour and a half, arriving home just in time for our afternoon snack. I splurged while we were out and got one of my favorites.

21 Afternoon Snack

The cats were happy to have the back door open to the afternoon sun and breeze and parked themselves in front of their Birdie-Vision.

21 Birdie Vision

I spent some time on the computer, while waiting for a certain additional child’s dad to arrive. Hubby actually got home before he was picked up today, which is notable. Hubby crashed out in the chair and surfed the Web on his phone, waiting for dinner to be ready.

21 Waiting

A certain additional child was picked up about 5:30 pm and I started working on the last things for dinner. Crockpot Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes with Gravy and Pineapple Chunks. I am apparently out of any vegetables right now. I feel a trip to the fruit stand coming on for tomorrow!

21 Dinner

After I cleaned up the kitchen, I sat down to watch What Not To Wear with G-Bunny and started this new dishcloth:

21 Movie Knitting

Our real estate agent/friend stopped in partway through the show and I headed outside to chat with her in the driveway. Before I knew it, it was 30 minutes later and we decided to meet for lunch next week, so we had longer to talk. I was glad to have a chance to let her know a bit more about why we aren’t buying a house right now and that it isn’t her fault. She has turned out to be a good friend and I really need all the friends I can get right now.

Hubby started the sprinkler:

21 Watering

And watered all of my baskets for me, including the fushia basket I’ve babied along all summer. It got frostbit in one of our late snows, but when we got home from our vacation, I found this:

21 Purple Fushia

Now, we are ending the evening with a family movie, Robots. Everyone else had Tagalongs for dessert, but since I am strange, (I don’t like peanut butter and chocolate together) I passed on the cookies and milk.:

21 Robots

I’m planning on being in bed in about 30 minutes. Ready to start all over tomorrow. Thanks for coming along for my day!