I spent my computer time yesterday researching options for our Home School Curriculum.

Here is the run-on sentence version:

I looked at so many websites and links and printed samples and bookmarked free sites and signed up for newsletters and considered conventions and co-ops and downloaded a lesson for the Summer Olympics and emailed a couple of friends that have home schooled for years for advice and then my brain exploded and I played on Facebook.

Here’s the more detailed version for those who might want to know:

I think we are going to go with Horizon’s Math and supplement with Singapore Math for their word problems.  I printed out the samples for both grades and I’ll have the kids do them today.  If they seem too easy or too hard, I’ll order another grade level as well.  The benefit of having kids so close in age is that I can teach virtually the same thing.  It’s like having a 2/3 split classroom.

I’m leaning toward A Beka for Reading and Language Arts.  The primary reason for choosing this is because of G-Bunny’s success with it in First Grade.  The private school she went to used the entire curriculum, but I really liked the reading books and writing workbook.  She did so well with it that she learned cursive that year.  T-Man is a good reader, but needs the phonics reinforcement and blend work that is used.  If I can find something else to try, I will supplement and hopefully find a good fit.

I’m planning on Unit Studies for our History/Geography/Social Studies/Foreign Language lessons.  Right now, I’m planning a country a month (maybe 2?) and we will learn all about that country.  I’m counting on the library’s travel and foreign language materials to be a huge help in this area.  I also have several friends and family members that have traveled around the world and if I get stuck, I’ll be picking their brains for ideas.  My Grandpa alone has been in almost every country and has the photos to show for it.  We will also try the same idea with the 50 States, but on a smaller scale.  Maybe weekly?

I’m having a bit more trouble finding Science and Health resources that are Christian-based.  I will be teaching evolution as a theory, as well as other theories such as Intelligent Design, but will always use the Bible as my base.  I believe in Creation and the kids will be well-versed and grounded in their faith as well.  However, I want them to have a working knowledge of every other option discussed in the world so that they are not ignorant when they need to function in the world around them.  I imagine we will be spending a lot more time at the zoo and the beach searching for animals at first.

We are planning music lessons, but haven’t finalized that yet.  We will also do sports or dance or something active.  We are looking for a(nother) church that has AWANA and youth activities so that we can start meeting new people.  I’ve looked at a Co-op in our area and will be making a decision on that as soon as we decide if we are staying where we are for the year or if we are going to move.  I’d hate to get involved and then have to start over in the middle of the year.

So, I still have a lot of work to get done, but I’m feeling good about the start.  I have about three weeks to make all my final curriculum choices and get them ordered.  I have to plan out the lesson plans and make supply lists.  I need to hit the library and see what hidden and unknown nuggets I can find.  I need to buy school supplies – NEVER an issue for me! – and I need to organize one of the bookshelves to work for us.

I’m going to start with a new list because that always makes me feel like I’m getting something accomplished, even when I never leave the house.