The Olympics has taken over my life.

I have watched a bazillion hours already and I can’t wait for more. I’m cheering for Michael Phelps and his Gold Medal Quest. I watched my first basketball game, in about 12 years, this morning. Carlos Boozer is from Alaska and we have several things autographed by him, during his appearance at the store Grand Opening in Juneau. I watched (confused, I admit) the USA women sweep the medals in the sabre. I watched the men’s and women’s gymnastics qualifying and Hubby and I played “How Old Is the Gymnast From China?” I watched most of the Men’s cycling road race, but mostly because it was the first day and there wasn’t much else on.

Two days in a row, I fell asleep watching the rowing competitions and yesterday, I nodded off during the final minutes of the trap shooting contest. I can’t bring myself to just skip events, so I power through the eight hour recordings everyday. I really don’t know what I would do without the DVR recording the late nights (West Coast from 8pm – midnight) and the ability to fast forward through commercials, water polo and volleyball games.

On the nights we aren’t watching Olympic coverage from the daytime broadcast, we are quickly working through the DVD’s of Grey’s Anatomy from Netflix. We have such a line up of regular shows that we watch each year, that when Grey’s first aired we decided to see if it lasted before we got invested. Now, we are trying to catch up on the first three seasons before I buy the fourth season from iTunes and we will be caught up to watch this fall. I love the humor and current events worked into the show, as well as all the interpersonal drama that often hits too close to home.

So, if I’m scarce for the next couple of weeks, I’m just sitting in front of the TV, remote molded into my hand and possibly taking a power nap.