It has been a really long week.

There was the Phelps Gold Medal Quest following last week and that has been followed with the start of the Track and Field events, Hubby’s favorite. Instead of being happy and relieved that Michael Phelps won another Gold Medal, I’ve been falling asleep frustrated with Usain Bolt for pulling up before the end of his races and not showing the level of sportsmanship I expect to see at an Olympic Games. He’s amazing, but what if he actually tried? Unbelievable.

We are eight episodes into Season Three of Grey’s Anatomy, with the next two discs arriving today. Things like “dirty mistress” and “dark and twisty” are working their way into our everyday language here at the house. The kids are also doing surprisingly well with the free time in the evenings while we escape for a little Mommy and Daddy time. I’m thinking that they need the break just as much as we do.

Hubby had the last four (4!) days off of work. He’s trying this new schedule and I’m not sure yet how it’s going to work. He’ll work 10 days straight and then be off for 4. In other words, every other weekend will be a 4-day weekend. Unfortunately, we can’t use the time to go camping or take a trip because of my childcare duties on the weekdays and it’s just too much work for one overnight.

Friday was hot. We emptied, cleaned, moved and refilled the pool. Hubby mowed the yard and hacked at the blackberry bushes. I supplied the kids with Otter Pops and Cold Drinks. We watered plants, sprayed for earwigs (ick!) and lounged on the patio. We finally declared the pool ready again about 4 pm and the kids all climbed in, despite the fresh-from-the-hose cold water. They were still in there an hour later when our Additional Child was picked up by his dad.

Saturday was hotter. I tried to melt all over the furniture while reading a book and Hubby hacked at more blackberry bushes. I had to run up to the library before they closed and when I got back, the whole family got in the pool. We splashed and made whirlpools and floated and splashed some more, until we lost a bunch of water over the side and decided that this pool is really not made for someone of Hubby’s size.

Sunday morning was still hot and humid, but better because of the storms that were starting to build. We all got ready and headed to church. We haven’t been to church since before Easter because we just couldn’t find one in our area that was a good fit for us. I’ve been talking to friends, reading signs and checking links online since then and we decided to try this one before all the fall activities started. The school year is actually a good time to get involved and this one seems to be a good fit for us. It has a separate Children’s Service during the Worship Service. The facility is very nice and the service was good. The music was awesome and we both liked the pastor’s style. They have AWANA and the lobby was packed with tables and posters from all the different ministries, which we will look at later. The kids had a good time and I met two moms – while dropping the kids off – who are also home schooling this year. I’m excited that this might be where God wants to use us.

Monday morning came early. I had to be up for our Additional Child’s arrival and Hubby slept in. We had a quiet start to the day, only to get busier and thankfully, more productive. I started by sweeping the garage and moving a bunch of boxes, so that we could get Hubby’s car in the garage. We moved the air hockey table back inside, but that messed up the Front Room’s look and we started talking about moving things around again. By last night, we had moved the good furniture from the Front Room into the Family Room and transformed the Front Room into the School Room. When the mom of our Additional Child came to pick him up at 5:30 pm, she was shocked at all the changes. I made dinner and went walking (3 miles!) before my day was over, but when I had to get out of bed to tuck the kids (back) into bed, I could barely move. I’m better this morning, but still sore.