Holding the Baby Roo, originally uploaded by CraftyMama11.

This was the highlight of my afternoon yesterday!

Her name is Zoe and she is a 6-month old wallaroo.

I took the kids to a local Kangaroo Farm, where we met up with a friend for a tour. We got to see, pet and feed: wallabies, kangaroos, cavys, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, peacocks, a pig, donkeys, goats, a miniature stallion named Oreo, emus and ostriches and llamas. They also have lemurs, but due to a tragic illness that killed 4 of the 7 they had this spring, they weren’t allowing people in to pet them. It was really cool to just watch them from a few feet away though.

The rain held off for us and it was actually a bit hot for a jacket, but I needed the pockets. I took the small point-and-shoot camera instead of the Rebel, thinking it would be easier for close spaces, but I missed a lot of cool shots because of the darn delay. I did get a couple little videos, however I’m sure they are just funny to me.

The farm is just outside Arlington and we will definitely be going back again.