Last Thursday, I spent the day cleaning the house and getting things ready for my friend Dawn and her three kids to visit for the weekend. I had our Certain Additional Child still, so running errands was out of the question. I cleaned all three sinks and toilets and scrubbed both tubs. I made beds. Put out towels and child-proofed the downstairs.

Turns out we were hardly home at all.

Friday was nuts. I had picked everyone up at the airport and we had gotten home about 12:30 am. Her kids were all tired, we were tired and our Additional Child was tired. The only people to get some sleep were my kids and Hubby. So we stayed here at the house all day, playing and talking. We made homemade pizza for lunch with each of the kids making their own.

Hubby went down to the Archery Range for the afternoon, but came home when he broke or lost most of his arrows. All the kids, plus Dawn, went down for naps or quiet time. I got to hang out with the one-year-old and play blocks.

Friday night, we had dinner and introduced Dawn to Rock Band. I don’t think I’ve played in 3 months, so it was good to see that I hadn’t forgotten all the buttons.

Mama Rocks Out!

The plan for Saturday morning was to head to the zoo. We were there about 11:45 am and couldn’t find a place to park because it was so busy. We had to take both cars, so Hubby and I are texting back and forth so we could park together. We finally found a little side street and hoped for the best. The zoo was absolutely packed. There was a crowd at every animal. Kids and strollers and wagons were running amuck, and that was just us! Someone always needed to go to the bathroom and I don’t think we ever made it into the Savanna Overlook. We petted goats, ran in the grass, saw the bears and emus, ate lunch, chased crows and saw the elephants. The tapir expert was out, so that was even crowded. T-Man got to pet a snake and G-Bunny actually petted a cockroach.

Zoo Friends

On the way home, we stopped at Hubby’s store to shop clearance clothes. Both kids needed new shoes, T-Man needed pants without holes in the knees and G-Bunny found a cute outfit that she didn’t really need, but that we bought for her anyway. I even found a new pair of Nike walking/running shoes for $15.

By the time we got home, it was nearly 8 pm. We fed the kids and plopped everyone in bed.

Sunday morning was the start of Fair Day. We decided to participate in the World Record Attempt at the Largest Hokey Pokey. Here’s the proof that I was out there!

World Record Attempt

I was super excited for the Demolition Derby in the evening, so we were trying to formulate a plan that allowed everyone to have a good time, without the threat of coming home early. We all made it until the final fireworks, waded back to the cars, sat in traffic to get home, finally pulling into the driveway about 12 midnight and carried all the kids inside.

I didn’t take the big camera to the Derby and I have to remember how to upload pictures from my phone to get the crazy weather and clouds shots I took. We got rained on, saw lightning and nearly a tornado right above us.

Hubby was still sleeping when I took Dawn and the kids to the train station Monday morning. It was a really early morning for us adults – who didn’t get our required sleep either. I came home with an empty car to a very quiet house and crawled into bed to watch a movie with my coffee. Hubby watched the end of the movie with me and then went to get us lunch at McDonald’s. We watched a couple episodes of Million Dollar Listing and I decided to take a nap. It was nearly 6 pm when I woke up, even though Hubby swears it was past 7 pm. I was tucked back into bed by 10 pm and woke up feeling better, but still tired.

A good last hurray for summer!