We live in a small town of about 3000, in a state that not only has the Huskies and the Cougars for future college football prospects, but the Seattle Seahawks as well. That is to say, football is huge in these here parts. Last season, we didn’t attend a single football game in person and I think I watched one regular season pro game before the SuperBowl. I vowed not to let that happen again this season.

Friday night was the season home opener for our High School team, the Tigers. Hubby and I took the kids – with promises of a band (T-Man) and cheerleaders (G-Bunny) to keep them entertained while we watched the game. We found seats on the border between Home and Visitor and waited for the game to start. I explained drills and plays, watched with anticipation as T-Man’s eyes got big during the warm-ups, only to have them crushed to pieces when he fell asleep a few minutes into the 3rd quarter because he was bored. Like any good Football Mom, I made him a little pillow on my lap and let him sleep until the end of the game. I had a really good time – yelling and cheering – in between Hubby’s runs to the concession stands for drinks for the kids. My fault – I didn’t pack football snacks! There were a few awesome plays and we were pleased when our team not only hung in there, but came out on top 31-13. It was a great start to the season and for $15 (plus $4 in drinks) it was a great family outing!

Saturday was a lost cause, a total wash and I’m not going to discuss it.  It was ok, then bad, then really bad and then better. The end.

Yesterday morning, I got up with the intent to get the family to church and pick up my book for the new bible study starting this week. Instead, I put my status (wants to skip church to watch football) on Facebook up before Hubby had his turn on the computer and Hubby decided to skip church. Instead of watching the 10 am game, we went grocery shopping (at 11:15 am) and returned to the house about 2:30 pm, just in time for halftime of the Seahawks-49er’s game and with me having picked up a migraine somewhere in the store. We all carried in groceries, sorted them and put away everything except for the canned goods and I made Fondue for lunch/dinner, which we ate while seated around the coffee table with little sharp forks. Fun, but not exactly the day I had envisioned in my mind.

Today, the weather is promising to be hot and I still have a headache. I’m going to power through school and chores this morning and hopefully that will let me slack off a bit this afternoon, although I have a list a mile long of things I’d like to work on.

I’d better get moving!