I wish I had something clever or spectacular to write about today. Instead, it seems the highlight of my morning so far, is that my migraine seems to have faded into a dull thud and the resulting upset stomach from yesterday’s dizzying pain, seems to be gone as well.

I had such high hopes for this week, things were going to Get Done. Instead, I can only report that dinner was the most effort I put into anything yesterday. It was very good and G-Bunny was a huge help, but not exactly the List Crossing Off kind of day I needed.

I was also hoping for some pieces of the Schooling puzzle to fall into place. Our home school routine isn’t a routine yet and I’m starting to feel the stress. Most of it is self-induced, but it’s still sitting in my shoulders and neck. I’m learning all the buzz words and cool techniques as fast as I can, but I really need to make samples and have a full week ready to go in advance. Yesterday, the printer decided to take a nap in the middle of a 15 page print job I needed. So, I scrambled to get the kids some other worksheets, while I fixed the printer. They are so accustomed to sitting at a desk all day and being spoon fed instruction, that when given the freedom to choose an activity to work on, they are lost. I need to be involved in every step of the process and I’m finding very little time to prep for the next day.

In the evenings, Hubby is doing a great job at stepping in and letting me have some time for myself. The only drawback is that the computer is in the same room as the TV, right next to it actually, so everything I do on the computer is visible to everyone. Now, I’m not saying I have things I want to hide, but the kids will see a project or picture and crowd around the computer to find out what I’m looking at. I get claustrophobic and cranky and give up. I would stay up after everyone goes to bed, but that’s the only time Hubby and I have to chat about our day without the kids. Although, I’ve been so tired lately, I have been falling asleep within 10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow, regardless of the time.

So, that leaves the early morning. I’m already up at 6 am, in order to be ready for our Additional Child (forever now to be known as A.C.) to be dropped off between 7 and 7:30 am. I check email, Facebook and try to blog in that time, while drinking at least part of my morning coffee. Between 7:30 and 8:20 am, I have breakfast to serve to the kids that are up and ready to eat, school drop-off for A.C. and last minute prep for my day to do, before we start school at 9 am. I’m usually still on the computer until it’s time to leave for drop-off, which means we drive instead of walking and it throws off my whole day.

Anyway. I’m off to try and make today better than yesterday!