I’m home. I had a very relaxing time and I wish I could have stayed longer. I also would have taken my swimsuit to sit in the hot tub, but that’s another story.

This was the scenic view point on the way over on Saturday.

Columbia River

Once I got to town, I checked at the hotel and found out that I needed to kill about two hours before I could check in. I started driving out of town and ended up on a dam, where I pulled into a turn-out and had some lunch. This was my view.

Bass Boats

This was my destination of curiosity. I just had to know what was out there. It turns out that it what the little lakes formed from the dunes are called. There was great bass fishing, I’m guessing by the number of boats out in the reservoir and tons of little lakes everywhere. There was a very nice campground that we may come back to in the future.

I had to know...

I kept driving through the farmland, past acres and acres of corn and huge irrigation systems. I found this spot on the way back into town and when I got out to take a picture, it smelled like I stepped into a jar of applesauce. Yum!

(It didn’t even occur to me to pick an apple until much later.)

Orchard View

I went looking for a nail place in town, with the hopes of a nice pedicure. Unfortunately, the only place I saw was packed and I didn’t feel like waiting for hours. Instead, I found a Big R store. The country girl in me was in heaven. There were Wranglers walking about in the wild! I found and bought a new Carhartt shirt and these:

New Old Friends

I headed back to the hotel about 3 pm, checked-in and proceeded to watch three movies in a row. I fell asleep sometime around 11 pm, smack dab in the middle of the second-ever king-sized bed I’ve ever slept in. With three pillows. I don’t think I moved all night, judging by the state of the bedding in this picture from this morning.

King Sized Bed and the Room

This morning, I woke up about 5:30 am (normal for me) and watched a lame medical show I can’t watch at home. (Hubby and the kids don’t like them) I showered, made coffee and got packed up to head home.

I thought these had fallen out of favor and sadly couldn’t think of anyone to call early on a Sunday morning that would appreciate the humor.

A Phone in the bathroom?

Once I took my bags out to the car and took pictures of the room, I realized that I should try to take a photo of myself in one of the many mirrors. I like this one, except for the camera I have for a face.


This was the best one of the 500 that I took. Ok, not really 500. More like 20.

Best one of the bunch

I checked out of the hotel, feeling much happier with my stay than the man who had tried to do laundry and had the washing machine break. Full of water and soap and his clothes. I drove around the corner to fill up the car at the gas station, only to see him coming out the side door with his clothes in a garbage bag. This was the view from the gas station, while I called Hubby to let him know I was heading home and when he told me it was raining sideways at home. I seriously considered staying on the other side of the mountains.

Gas Station View

But then I would have missed this view on the way home.

The Gorge



I haven’t figured out how to take pictures of wind though. This was one very windy perch!

Windy Grass 2

I finally took my hair out of the ponytail holder I had used to keep my hair out of the first shots and started snapping my shadow. At least it was dry by the time I got back to the car, if a tangled mess!

Hair Shadows

This is the Iron Horse Monument. The access was off the other side of the interstate, where I snapped the first photo from on Saturday. I would have hiked to the top like I wanted then, if I’d realized I couldn’t get back to that side today.

Iron Horse Monument

I zipped home in the sunny morning, dodging at least 3 speeding tickets that I should have had. I got to the bottom of the pass and the rain started. There was one spot that I seriously couldn’t see, but I couldn’t slow down either. A little hairy! Traffic heading north up I-405 was already crazy and I made it home about 12:30 pm. Hubby was already loaded and ready to head out for his hunting trip when I pulled in. I helped him find a few things, Mapquested directions to his buddies house for him and gave him some cash for the ferry. I have a kitchen to clean up, laundry to do and I have no idea what groceries are left in the house. Next time I go, it will be for two or three nights. I’m already feeling the stress creeping back into my neck.