The kids and I piled on my bed Monday night to watch Monday Night Football. I’ve really been working on teaching them the basics, so that there might be a chance that they will learn to love it. We have covered the basics so far. Some simple scoring, who the quarterback is and what he does and the acceptable teams to cheer for.

I am descended from a long line of Packers Fans. My mom is actually the first one to live away from Wisconsin, but she went to college at Madison. My side of the family keeps close tabs on the team throughout the season, even if they don’t watch a single game. Hubby and I have always been 49er Fans, back since the days of Joe Montana. One of our first dates was a Monday Night Football game at his apartment when the 49er’s were playing. We also cheer for the closest Professional Team to where we live, in order to not be flogged by rabid local fans. In our case, it is the Seattle Seahawks. We have always lived in the Pacific Northwest, so this has been a team of ours for while. I also cheer for the Denver Broncos. They were my brother’s team and the team closest to us growing up.

The other thing we have covered is the strict rule that we don’t cheer for the Dallas Cowboys. Ever. They are shiny and tempting, but that is all an illusion! It is also in the Bible and I’m sure it’s the 11th commandment. We are also not friends with Cowboys Fans because they obviously have questionable judgment.

You can imagine the drama here when G-Bunny declared last weekend that she was going to cheer for the Cowboys, when I responded that she was not “allowed” to and the back and forth banter that followed. It’s not often that the kids get my sarcasm, but it was all in good fun. But we still don’t cheer for the Cowboys. Really.

(I also had to explain that the Cowboys are a very good team, not even a week later. When they annihilated my Packers Sunday Night. I hate having to admit defeat.)

So at this point, T-Man really has no interest in watching or playing right now, which breaks this Dreams To Be A Football Mom’s heart and G-Bunny wants to be a cheerleader. I really don’t know how I’m going to live through the teenage years with her.

Anyway, we were all cheering for Brett Farve (Once a Packer, Always a Packer!) and only Brett on the Jets side. We were also cheering every time the Chargers racked up the score. I realize that they are opposing purposes, but it seemed to be working for us. About halfway through the 3rd quarter, G-Bunny asks me if there is any football team with pink on their uniforms.

After I died laughing and came back to life, I told her there was no pink in football. She replies with her idea of a team – The Pink Flamingos. I made up a silly cheer for her team, also known as the Florida Feathers now and we were laughing so hard T-Man got the hiccups. Which made us laugh even harder.

As soon as the game was over, we all tumbled into our beds for the night, fresh from a good laugh. And I have a little hope that we will have more fun with football in the future!