We had a big day this week. Our first ever box from Rainbow Resource arrived on Wednesday. The kids were thrilled!

G-Bunny Math T-Man Math

We had spent the morning working on a few fun activities. I showed the kids the photos Heather had posted at Oh My Stinkin Heck, of their pencil city and mine were off and running. I helped them get the paper taped down and got out the colored pencils. The rest was up to them. They worked on it and then played with it for about 2 hours and then hung it up in T-Man’s room.

Creative Genius

Personally, I am still searching for a balance. I’m easily distracted right now and the kids seem to need all 7 hours structured for them. I wasn’t ready for that level of scheduling because of the late start I got on deciding on what we were going to be doing. I’m paying attention to what we cover in a week and that is a little better, although no where close to where I want to be. We don’t need to do spelling everyday, but if we work it in at least once a week, I’m happy. We are slowly going over Washington State facts and I’m building a reference lapbook as we go. We have been playing a State Capital game too. The Math books are a big hit and they are doing 2 lessons a day in about a half hour. Getting T-Man to read for 30 minutes a day is a bit more of a struggle and getting them both to write for fun everyday is nearly impossible right now. I have relaxed a bit and will push it again in a couple of weeks.

I’m working on developing a couple of Unit Studies to use in the next couple of months. One will be World War II and I hope to have it ready to use during December, in time for the anniversary of the bombing at Pearl Harbor on December 7th. I found a 12 Days of Christmas lapbook I will be putting together too.

So, things are going slowly. I’m trying not to get frustrated and overwhelmed. The important thing is that the kids are home and happy. The rest will fall into place.