Fall Leaf

I love this time of year! The fall storms start blowing in, the temperature starts to drop and the trees all start to turn lovely shades of gold and rust. We have a couple of weeks until the craziness of the Holiday Season is upon us and we make a conscious effort to spend more time together as a family.

After our monster hike on Monday, it took two days for me to be back on my feet without pain. It has settled into a good pain, where I feel like I made some progress in my quest to be more active. Tuesday, was a great day for me to mess with pictures and the kids to help out in the yard. Hubby went back to work on Wednesday and we hopped back into school work first thing. Yesterday, we did some testing and had our cleaning day, since we were out of the house on Monday.

Today, I didn’t have A.C. and took the opportunity to sleep in a little. I have a cool outing planned for tomorrow that will count for school, so I don’t feel the least bit guilty about giving the kids the day off. I talked to one of my best friends for about 4 hours on the phone – so good to chat with her, but we have got to talk more often so we don’t have so much to catch up on. I did manage to get the dishwasher run and dinner ready.

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow!