No. It’s not where you eat a lot of pumpkin and then throw up. Although I had that thought as I read the flyer the first time and the Funny Hubby of my BFF from high school asked that too.

Setting the Sling

What we went to see, was a huge trebuchet and assorted smaller ones, launch pumpkins across a huge field. We were a bit late, lunch with Dad and grocery shopping took priority, so we missed the medieval play-acting, but it worked in our favor with the weather. The rain seemed to have blown over, but there were still steady winds about 40 mph, with gusts that pushed the kids around.

It was also entertaining to see that team climb in kilts and wind. The cat-calls for this poor guy were deafening! (There wasn’t anything to see, but it was really funny!)

Don't climb in kilts

This trebuchet was on their last try for the World Record when we arrived. They currently hold the record, but were attempting for a distance over 2000 feet with this machine, before building a new one.

The crane was used to set the weights:


And then everyone stood back, with one person on the rope:


The weights drop, bringing the arm up and around:

World Record Attempt

And the sling attached to the end of the arm whips up and launches the pumpkin down the field.

There it goes

In this case, the pumpkin went just under 1800 feet. It was only 69 feet short of the World Record, but incredible considering the crosswind they were dealing with.

While we waited for all of the official stuff to happen, there was a little egg-hurling trebuchet that got a turn.

Launching Eggs

Everyone was still left looking up!

More looking up

All the participating trebuchets loaded up one final time for the finale. They each chucked a pumpkin, stuffed with candy and the kids were able to run out on the field as soon as they all landed. We picked our way through what looked like a mine field.

Pumpkin Bomb

The kids and I decided it probably wasn’t worth the $11 (for parking and admission) for only an hour and a half and a pocketful of candy, but might be worth going next year at the beginning of the day. The trebuchets were impressive and the kids learned a little by watching them, my ultimate goal. I’ll know better how to take flying pumpkin pictures next time too! As always, the pictures are clickable and there are more in the Flickr link on the right sidebar.

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