I’m totally frustrated with our internet today.

We decided to switch over from cable to DSL, in order to have the speed back in the evenings. We were getting completely bogged down and there were some nights we couldn’t get Google to load at all. I was losing all of my available evening hours for planning and school prep. So, I got online last week and ordered up DSL and home phone, set to be ready today or tomorrow. This morning I called the cable company and canceled the internet and phone with them, knowing I would have the cross-over time to work with. The cable company said it would be 48 hours before everything was processed.

I have received two emails and a phone call saying things are ready with the new service, yet when I went to install everything this afternoon, I realized that there was no modem included in the package that arrived yesterday. I dug through the stash of past electronics in the garage and found a modem, but it wasn’t on the list of choices for the install. Of course, I had already disconnected the cable modem in order to set up the new stuff and when I tried the phone, that wasn’t working either. I called tech support from my cell phone and the recording for our status said to wait until after 6 pm to install.

So, I hooked up the cable modem again to get back online and realized as I turned everything back on, that the speed we were lacking was back. The Yahoo Messenger processed correctly, the security software automatically updated and I could get into the iTunes store. None of those things have worked since the first of August.

I had to take the kids up to the library and pick up A.C. from school, so when we got home I called about the modem. The tech support was just as confused as I was about the lack of a modem and he transferred me to the DSL department, where the recording informed me that they were already closed for the day. Arrgh!

After the poor customer service I got with the cable company this morning, I don’t dare call them back and cancel the canceling. Hopefully, I will get something resolved in the morning, but if I end up MIA for a few days, you will know where I went.