Why does this time of year just zip by so fast for me?

My days are filling up now that we have started school again and some extra activities have started up again. The kids are back in AWANA this year, so that adds daily verse practice and my Wednesday nights out of the house. We are out trying to enjoy the good fall weather while we have it, so that on days like today, when it is raining, we can do inside projects and catch up on laundry.

Saturday morning, I took the kids to a local Corn Maze.

Fall Corn Colors

It was suppose to be a church activity, but we never ran into anyone from the church that acknowledged us. I’m still adjusting to the fact that we have been here over a year and really don’t know anyone.

Wagons and Mini Golf Course

This particular farm does the State of Washington for it’s maze. The paths are the roads and there are signs in the approximate locations of key towns. If you know your state geography, the maze should be easy to navigate.

Children in the Corn

For example, we traveled to Forks. Most recently made famous by the Twilight series of books. It was also where Hubby went hunting last month. It’s not nearly as intruiging in the corn.

For Twilight Fans

Nor is Vantage quite the same as the real life bridge.

Vantage Bridge Columbia River

We (I) got us lost on the way to Seattle and we ended up in Spokane. I almost had a mutiny until I realized we were all thirsty.

Thirsty Much?

The kids wanted to choose out pumpkins, but it was way too crowded for me to even consider it.

Way too crowded for me!

Instead, we got some Kettle Corn and I snapped this employee on his way back to work.

I want one of these shirts!

I settled for one good picture of the three of us and we headed home.

Fall Family