I’ve come to the realization that Halloween can be fun. It is has been my most hated holiday for a really long time, although everyone assumes it’s because of religious reasons.

Truth is, I’ve hated it ever since I dressed up as a Can-Can Dancer in 7th Grade and was called a whore all day at school.  I resolved, after coming home in tears, never to dress up again.  That held up pretty well until I was in college and could get into bars on Halloween without being carded.  I had an elaborate Baby costume for a couple of years that worked to get me in.  Once I was legal age, the fun was gone and I stopped dressing up again.

This year, Hubby dressed up for work and I was going to use my lame 70’s costume as a fallback.  I had to go to Party City for a hat and found a Hippie Halter top and a pair of Shamrock sunglasses.  I figured it would be worth the try.

And we also spent $3 to torture the cat:

Devil Cat

Here is Hubby and I:

Hippie and the Hunter

And the kids:

Cleopatra goes blond El Zorro

Hubby took the kids out Trick-or-Treating and I stayed home to hand out candy.  The rain held off and with the addition of a long-sleeved shirt for G-Bunny and the Cape for T-Man, they stayed out for about an hour before getting chilly.  We had about 215 kids come by before we shut off the light at 9 pm.

**The title is an almost direct quote from me at lunch.  I told Hubby that if only I had realized that Halloween was about candy, drinking (Mike’s Hard Pomegranate Lemonade) and a revealing costume – I would have been on board ages ago.