1. Get out today and VOTE if you haven’t already! I voted early and dropped our secret ballots in the local dropbox yesterday.

2. I’m signed up and attempting NaNoWriMo again this year. I signed up a couple of years ago and never got started. This year I have been jotting story points and character ideas as I think of them and have quite the folder to dig from. I’m planning a fictional novel loosely based on parts of my life, but that could all change as I get going.

3. Fall has arrived with a vengeance this week. We have had some heavy rain and strong winds that knocked down all of the pretty fall leaves I never got out to get pictures of. Bummer. I miss Alaska the most during this time of year.

4. Christmas is about 50 days away. I have a lot of knitting and gift planning to do. I need to make Christmas Cards and take a family picture. I also can’t forget about Thanksgiving. The family has already asked when the first Pumpkin Roll will be made.

5. Schooling is going well. I do find it very easy to slack off to do other things, but sat down yesterday with the calendar and realized we are exactly on target for the month. I was so sure we were way behind! I’m working on adding a few theme things for the next two months and we are doing more crafts. Yesterday, we traced and cut out fall leaves. They will go with the real leaves we collected last week on our Leaf Walk, that are being pressed in 3 phone books right now.

6. I also realized that I hadn’t updated lately about my marriage. I’m happy to report that things haven’t been this good in a very long time. Since before kids probably. We are hanging out as a family more, Hubby has found his sense of humor and I’ve backed off all the judgmental crap I had picked up along the way. We only had one argument this month, which was over in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

7. Hubby and I talked and agreed, even told the kids, that we were going to be shutting off the cable so that we could save the $100 a month. And then I caved and paid the bill. I’m such an addict. I couldn’t make it through a Sunday without my football. I am weak! I’m going to keep trying though because I really want to save the extra money!

8. Happy Anniversary to my Parents today! I’m sending the card today…

9. RockBand 2 has brought the fun back for me. I think I was just bored of all the old songs. I love that Eye of The Tiger is on this one. We also downloaded Jukebox Hero, one of my all time favorite songs that we crank up in the car. I’m ready to step up to the Hard level on guitar, but I’m scared of the orange button. I also drummed for a bit this weekend – on Easy. I also ordered Hubby some new drum sticks that will hopefully cut down on some of the dreaded tapping.

10. If your watch needs a new battery, try to replace it on the same weekend as the Time Change so you only have to set it once. It saves all sorts of time for other things, like Facebook.