I’m so sorry about not updating this week. I’ve started to several times and by the time I’m done, I can’t publish it. Why?

I’m frustrated with the outcome of the election. However, I will respect and honor whoever the President is. I am busy learning more about our President-Elect this week and trying not to pull my hair out by the end of the day. I am allowed to be disappointed that the choice that I felt best represented our family wasn’t elected. I don’t need to hear about how wrong anyone thinks I am.

The good news is that something entirely different and totally out of my control happened yesterday. I was thinking quickly enough to have my son grab the camera and document the last portion.

All I wanted to do was wash ONE pan to make dinner. I noticed the right side of the kitchen sink wasn’t draining, but I thought the strainer might have blocked it. I started the water in the left side – the side with the disposal – and realized that side wasn’t draining either.

I found a long spoon and poked it around in the disposal, in case there was a fork or something in there. Then I ran the disposal. The left-side drained, but it backed up into the right-side. Fabulous!

I got the plunger and tried to push whatever was blocking the pipe, but the sink isn’t a closed system like a toilet or shower and the water started coming out of the place for a sink sprayer. Wonderful!

I finally opened the under-sink cabinets to check for any leaks. Nothing. I dug out all the plastic bags (so bad, I know!) and the trash bags and the soaps. I felt the pipes. Hot. Hot. Cold. At least I knew where the clog was.

I had the kids get our bucket and took off the trap. Water came shooting out and I barely got the trap back on before the bucket overflowed.

Bring me the dark towels... ALL of them!

By this time, I’m covered in nasty drain water to my elbows and A.C.’s mom arrives to pick him up.

Should have checked the bucket size...

Of course the kids are enjoying the show. I had made a huge mess and they really aren’t used to seeing that. My son kept snapping pictures. Some weren’t so flattering, but what do I have to lose at this point.

Full Disclosure

I was clearly thrilled at my mistake and having to deal with it right before dinner.


My mistake you ask? Oh, that would have been Wednesday night. I was cooking up the 8 pounds of hamburger I bought, (before I freeze it in one pound portions to save me time later) when I realized that we had AWANA. I drained the meat in the colander in the sink and we rushed off to town. I failed to run the hot water like I normally do and the fat clogged a section of pipe about 7 inches long. Yuck!

The cabinet is all put back together and the plastic bags have been moved to the garage for kitty litter duty.

All Clean

I’m just relieved I didn’t run the dishwasher like I meant to when we went to town to go shopping. T-Man needed new pants. Again. So we headed to Kohl’s, hoping for some good sales or clearance. We found both.

G-Bunny loves to watch What Not to Wear, so when Hubby got home from work I had to model the new outfit.

Clearance Finds

Skirt =$14, Purple shirt=$16, Necklace on sale for $9, my black cami and shoes. Outfit total = $40

I also got another necklace and earring set for $12 and two spring skirts, each $4.

At least I won at shopping yesterday.