I’m currently not doing the dishes so that I can post before I fall headfirst into another week.

Hubby has been off this weekend, including Friday and I haven’t been able to compete for time on the computer. I think I have provided ample evidence that I really do need a laptop for Christmas this year and possibly will summon the motivation this week to hook up our old computer in the school room for the kids to play games and type on. They are hardly ever on the internet, so it would be a good option.

Anyway, a sampling of the last few days, with some photos.

First of all, we had some heavy rain and some flooding in the area. Our house is high and dry, so we drove down to the river to check on things. I called it a field trip, of course.

No more beach

The water was still high, but had receeded from the parking lot by the time we were down there at noon. There are other photos in the Flickr set.

This was the view from our back yard when I got home from dropping A.C. at school one of the mornings.

Stormy Rainbow

We did school. Our cat Ally, likes to help G-Bunny. Here she is checking out the Indiana page, I’m sure she’s checking out the State Bird.

Ally and Indiana

She settled in and got comfortable too. I guess she like the relaxed approach we have been using.

Ally Homeschools

Yesterday, the temperature was near 70* at our house in the middle of November. Crazy! Despite a long and complicated start, we all went for a Family Bike Ride on the Centennial Trail. Ever since G-Bunny learned how to ride her two-wheeler a couple of months ago*, she has been begging to ride on this trail. Here she is at our turn-around point, about 1.5 miles out.

Centennial Trail G

She and I rode ahead of the boys (T-Man still has training wheels and a too-small bike**) until we caught up with these:

G and Horses on the trail

And then went back to meet the rest of the crew and show them a cool little rest stop.

Gorgeous November Day

Here is proof that I was there. And also proof I really shouldn’t be let out in public without Proper Adult Supervision***. For the record, I did fix my helmet for the ride back to the car. At least I hope I did.

Evidently I can't wear a helmet out in public...

Today, we didn’t go to church again, opting for breakfast donuts and watching the early football game. I really wish we could find a good church that didn’t require we drive for 30 minutes to get to it. I started writing out my NaNoWriMo novel long-hand on a pad of purple legal paper because Hubby was playing poker on Facebook and I was more comfortable on the couch. I also have Biker’s Bum from yesterday. We played football with the kids in the backyard when Hubby got bored of poker. The neighbor didn’t seem too thrilled with our whooping and hollering though.

Hubby has been craving Philly Cheese Steaks for a couple of days, so we decided to drive into the Big City to our favorite little shop and get some before the Seahawk’s game was over and traffic got bad. It’s in our old neighborhood, so we stopped in at the Wal-Mart (that we remember being brand new) and I got some socks and undies for myself and the boy. I also picked up a pair of size 3 dpn’s for $2.50. They were also purple. After 30 minutes, we had enough and drove down to the sandwich shop. They have gone out of business since I was last down there. Serious bummer.

I stopped at my not-so-local yarn store on the way home and bought a set of Addi dpn’s (size 2), some very cool sock yarn (that will become Christmas gifts if all the planets align) and a small skein of aqua and pink sock yarn for socks for G-Bunny. (It was only $5.50 and they can wait until after Christmas.)

It was a long drive home without tasty sandwiches and there was more than one comment about being hungry. I made chili and polish dogs for dinner instead – Football Food. Except that everyone else is playing Rock Band 2 right now.

I better go do the dishes and get ready for the morning while they are all entertained. It’s going to be another long week.

*She was of the typical age to take off training wheels when we were living in Alaska. I have tons of pictures of them riding bikes with snow piled in the middle of our cul-de-sac. Needless to say, when summer is two months long, it’s hard to learn and practice on a two-wheeler. She learned on the front lawn at the end of September and now rides around the house because I’m a mean mom and won’t let her die out on the Busy Main Road. I wave to her from my chair at the computer.

**He has grown so much in the last year and combined with the fact that his bike was already getting small, it’s borderline mean. However, he refuses to take off his training wheels and we aren’t going to force him. We also weren’t going to buy him a new bike if he wasn’t going to ride it. We did look at bikes today while we were out and he showed the first excitement we’ve seen at the possibility of riding a bike that fits him. He’s just got to figure out the balance now.

***Hubby does NOT possess the proper credentials to qualify him for this position. Clearly. Also, you should have seen the position of his helmet. Worn over his baseball cap. I’m sure we were the talk of quite a few dinner tables last night.