We headed down to the river after lunch, mainly so I could take some comparison pictures to go along with the ones I took last week and it ended up being a perfect break in our day.

Here’s what the river looks like today (top) compared with last week (bottom). These are of the same trees, but not the same angles.

Big Trees, Normal River

No more beach

Upper Beach

Really Moving

This is what the beach usually looks like, what it looked like today. It was not there last week.

River View

There were lots of cool leaves:

Beach Leaf Cool Puddle, Reflection Cool Puddle, Green Leaf

The big rocks are all super polished from the frequent high water on this beach. The kids were running from one to another, rubbing them and commenting on how smooth they were.

Big Smooth Rocks

I asked them to tell me why they were smooth. To look around and figure out how that happened. They got the water part immediately because of the flooding so recently. I pointed out the piles of sand by the rocks and the light bulbs went on when I asked what sandpaper did. This was one of the best visuals I could find for them.

Sanded Granite

The upstream side (water coming from the right) is freshly “sanded” from last week. Here’s a cool view of the top of the rock.

Polished Rock

We threw rocks and big sticks. I took the longest one for myself and it sunk like a rock. So much for watching it float down the river.

Walk softly and carry a big stick...

I had some fun with the kids.

Simon Says – Hands up:

Hands Up

(I need to double check what my son is wearing these days. He outgrows shirts just by eating dinner.)

Simon Says – Hands on your knees:

Touch your knees

Simon Says – Stand on one leg:

Stand on one foot

(Like how they all chose the same leg?)

Simon Says – Turn around:

Look at the River

Ha! It was fun for them too – I promise!

We walked down to the bridge:

The Bridge

and I found this ruler. I’m guessing the river was at about 6′ on it last week.

River Ruler

As we stood under the bridge and the cars were driving over, we took this one:

Under the Road

On the way back to the parking lot, we found these little treasures.

Big Leaf Leafy, Mossy Rock

And of course, One Last Rock.

The Last Throw

We brought home a few treasures:

The Haul from the Beach

And washed them up:

Washing Rocks

Hope you all have a great weekend!

G's Rock Collection