The week’s Top Five. (It is a recession after all…)

1. This is George.

Cheeky George

We almost lost George to a cat. It was a very tragic near-miss, which we all witnessed. He has returned to his sunflower-seed, feeder-raiding ways.

We think George is the same squirrel we had as a baby this summer:

Baby Squirrel Eating

2. The kids and I made T-Shirt Pillows as sort of a Home-Ec/Craft project. They got to run the foot pedal of the sewing machine and even though I thought they would want to do it all, I maneuvered the fabric under the needle. They have had these shirts since a trip to the Maryland coast in 2003.

T-Shirt Pillows

3. Yesterday, A.C. had a half-day at school. I drop him off by 8:30 am and I go pick him back up at Noon. That leaves us about 5 hours to fill up in the afternoon. My plan was to combine something fun to do with our afternoon snack and I thought making pretzels would be an nice rainy day treat.

Here is how they turned out:

Yummy Pretzels

And the reviews:

Pretzel Snack

I’m at a loss for what to do this afternoon.

4. I’m still at 12,098 words for my NaNoWriMo novel. I have had very little time on the computer ever since I got Hubby hooked on Hatchlings on Facebook. I’m really angling for a laptop for Christmas so that my world can right itself again. Of course, that will be too late for my novel…

5. Hubby is working more hours, so that people can shop for Christmas. Which they aren’t doing at the moment, so he’s caught up at work and stuck in the office. He hates being stuck in the office. We are also in the season where he goes to work in the dark and comes home in the dark. Somehow, that makes my day seem longer too and we have all been dragging. I think we are all in hibernation mode.

I’m off to play Battleship with the Boy, as promised last night.