I was just over at Pioneer Woman’s and her post about Thanksgiving plans and giveaway got me thinking. I’ve been avoiding The Thinking today because when I do, the To-Do list grows by about 25 items.

Anyway, I’m having a week. It’s a short week, thankfully, but a week nonetheless. My NaNoWriMo novel sits at just over 12,000 words and I can’t seem to start up again. The public school is on half-days this week too, so our home school routine (HA!) is gone. I still haven’t adjusted to the time change, as far as my sleeping goes. We haven’t been to church in over a month.

I’m starting to feel the pressure of Christmas around the corner, with all of the baking, decorating and shopping to do. I’m fighting some seasonal demons right now; things that happened in the past, people I miss at this time of year and some mistakes of the last year that are still trying to cling to my thoughts. I get melancholy and droopy, instead of full of gingerbread men and twinkling lights.

It’s summed up in the weather this month. It has either been nice, clear skies and crisp afternoons or torrential downpours and fog out in the valley. We haven’t had any snow. Nothing to erase the daily outlook and make it all fresh.

The options for the kids are equally black and white – the option to play outside or inside. Yesterday was an outside day.

Today is not.

Right now, all the kids have been sent to their corners (rooms and couch) for an hour. I snapped after the third bout of tears and tattling on and reports of shoving and…

And they will sit for the length of the movie that they were going to watch this afternoon. Without the benefit of the movie. All three are on Yellow – (Yes, I have a color chart in my house. That’s a whole other story.) – and I have a headache the size of Alaska.

I am enjoying the quiet while it lasts.

However, that’s not what I was going to write about.

This weekend we will be in the San Juan’s. Hubby has to work so everyone can do their Black Friday shopping, but the kids and I will be running for the islands. It does mean that our feasting will be on Friday, since we are traveling on Thursday, but I’m okay with that. It’s four days where I am away from the messes in my house, sitting on a different couch and talking to different people. I’m taking some Christmas knitting and my iPod. The kids are taking games and a puzzle. We will go walk on the beach and watch for whales. I will take a bunch of pictures. I will miss my Hubby and the cats sleeping on my feet at night.

It will be just what I need.