I love the San Juan Islands.

Maybe it’s because of the slower pace of life. Maybe because of the ferry-only access. Maybe because they have Orca Watching there. Maybe because the only time we have been out there is at the holidays.

Mostly because it reminds me so much of Alaska.

Alaska is that way

This year, we caught the ferry on Thanksgiving Day.

Anacortes Ferry Terminal

We had the beach to ourselves for about an hour because we were super early. We hunted for shells. The kids had a sword fight with a couple of cat tails. We had a snack of brownies. I tried to knit, but my hands got too cold. So, I settled on taking some pictures.

Seaweed G

Proof I was there…

Thanksgiving Day H

Hubby had to work Black Friday, but was home when we left. I spent a lot of time on the beach like this. We had important things to discuss. Like Rambo (First Blood) on Blue Ray.

Texting Hubby

We made the ferry this year and even better was the front row spot we got. T-Man loved the mustard-yellow van next to us. We also met up with my aunt, uncle and cousin in line.

Front Row

We arrived in Friday Harbor before dark. I spent the ferry trip showing my aunt how to turn the heel of a sock, so no pictures of that.

Friday Dock

We got to the cabin (house), unloaded and got busy relaxing. The puzzle was chosen. We made food. I knitted some more. We had our Feast on Friday, so as my aunt was resting before dinner and my cousin was working on homework, my uncle and I took the kids on a walk.

We went to the McMillin Mausoleum (click HERE for more info on that) and I made them sit on Dead People. Each chair was also a vault and the backs of the chairs had all the information about them. The lighting was poor for those pictures, so I skipped them.

Sit on Dead People

Then we went down to what the locals call “The Isthmus.” We threw in drift wood and then threw rocks at the wood.

Boys and Drift Wood

I took some cool pictures of a Madrona Tree, while the kids named all of the snails George.

Mossy Madrona

Madrona Bark

My boy is getting bigger by the second and with that, he is acting more and more like an adult, but every once and awhile I catch him being silly.


The rest of the weekend was quiet. We watched some movies, finished the puzzle and a sock. My cousin had to go swim, so my aunt and I took the kids to the Whale Museum. No pics from inside, but it was very cool.

Saturday Afternoon

I bought a book of sea animal activities I can use for home schooling and this killer mug for myself.

Whale Mug

We wandered around downtown, after a cup of hot Chai tea. Last year, I took the kids’ picture on this seal with my phone.

Here is this year’s picture.

Seal Tradition

And one with my cousin.

Seal Kids

Too soon we had to start packing up. We caught the 8 am ferry Sunday morning and we were home by 10:45 am. I crashed on the couch “watching football” and this was the scene by dinnertime.

All Tuckered Out

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!