We are chugging right along this week, which I am very grateful for. I’ve been busy with the Christmas Countdown activities and writing up a couple of tutorials. The one I posted yesterday for the Envelopes and another is in progress on How to Make Cool Paper Snowflakes. I will probably make them separate pages for future reference.

Yesterday, the activity was making a paper chain garland to decorate the house.

I got everything ready and set up the table. Construction paper cut into 2″ wide strips (I would do 1″ next time) Elmer’s white glue and q-tips:

Garland Prep

When the kids had three loops, they became Handcuffs. He’s such a happy prisoner, don’t you think?


We all worked hard and made some progress:

Garland In Progress

Of course, we had to compare the length while being goofy for the camera and then whine because ours was shorter.


By the end of an hour, all the chains (except for mine and another whiny someone) were taller than their creator. I donated my progress to the whiny kid and all was well again. (Why do I need a paper garland of my own anyway?) The kids voted to keep working on them for the next few days (shocking!) and we tucked them safely inside paper sacks to keep them from harm.

Store safe in a bag

In other news, Hubby has been working a lot – ’tis the season and all. The assumption of our availability to attend social events starts to wear on me about this time each year. The truth is we are lucky to have one big outing during the month of December (I’m hoping for The Lights at Warm Beach or Leavenworth this year) and trying to plan it with anyone else is nearly impossible. I tire of getting requests that I have to turn down and the fallout from not attending some social functions. Everyone seems to like the stores to be open to shop, but they forget that someone is working extra to make sure there are items on the shelf to buy. Just my friendly reminder to be kind to the retail workers in your life. Maybe invite them to do something between February and August?

Side note: Our wedding anniversary is in February because it was the most logical time to try to take a week off of work.

Anyway, last night was AWANA and I was sure we wouldn’t be able to have our Date Night because of Hubby’s work schedule. However, Hubby was still at the store as I was dropping the kids off, so he stayed and did the grocery shopping with me. It’s more expensive when he shops with me, but tons more fun than shopping alone. We petted Kota the Triceratops and S’Mores the Pony, and all the while I was very thankful we do not have to purchase one for our children this Christmas. Just for the record, we do occasionally go get dinner out, but this has become our normal Date Night. We picked up Pictionary Man because it seemed like a hoot and I got the new David Cook CD (so far VERY good!) because I’m spoiled. We checked out, loaded the bags in my car and I rushed to get the kids, while Hubby got gas and headed home in his car.

We all had a late dinner, put away groceries and headed to bed about 9:45 pm. A good day!