I took the weekend off. I am now caught up on all the DVR’d shows and I’ve been knitting on my current pair of socks.

Remember this pair from the summer? I love them. Well, I love wearing them, but hate hand washing them.

Moving Sock

I want more socks, so I started a new pair right before our trip to the San Juan’s. I’ll finish them sometime today. The recipe is the Yarn Harlot’s Plain Vanilla Sock from her Knitty Gritty appearance.

I have a few mods in mind for my next pair, but these will be just fine. They are knit from Heart and Sole with Aloe (Red Heart) on size 2 dpns. The colorway is Razzle Dazzle. I got it at Hubby’s store, possibly on sale, even though full price ($4.40 ish) is great. It is 70% superwash wool, 30% nylon, so I’m hoping I get a lot of wear out of them.

Dec Socks

Anyway, back to the Christmas Countdown. We finished Day 4-6 of the Countdown ahead of schedule, but were foiled on Day 7 when we had a town-wide power outage for a couple of hours. We couldn’t have a Wii Bowling Tournament without power. So, that got postponed until last night. G-Bunny was the Family Winner, but Hubby threw the contest to let T-Man advance. I bowled close to my best score and it still wasn’t good enough!

Here are the pics from the last few days.

Day 4 was the inside decorations, like the mantle, nativity sets and my collection of snowmen.



Snowman Shelf

Day 5 was to put up the tree and hang ornaments.

Finished Tree

Day 6 was to decorate the porch, which we did on Day 5 because Hubby was off of work.

Porch and Yard

I haven’t gotten any pictures of the finished product yet. The ribbon I wrapped around the pillars fell the first night and we need one more cord to light up the stars. I’ll post a pic as soon as I have a good one.

However, I did get pictures of our neighbor across the street putting up his lights. We’ll call him the “Loser.”

Closeup of the "Loser"

The other neighbor across the other street was doing this. We’ll call him the “Winner!”

The "Winner"

And the “Loser” again?

The "Loser"

Maybe this is why our cable rates are so high?