Hubby got me up early this morning because there was snow and he needed the snow brush for his car. I am the keeper of the knowledge about where everything is. He also forgot that it was Sleep-In Saturday and was very sorry to get me up at 5 am. I did go back to sleep for a bit. Until the kids woke up about 8 am and started shrieking about the snow.

I’m sure it was because I wore my pink fleece snowflake PJ’s last night. Or maybe because winter has to arrive at some point. Take your pick. I’m going with the PJ’s.

This is my view from my computer window.

My Winter View

The kids scrounged for snow gear that fits and headed out into the Wild, White Outdoors.

Snowy G

I forget every year that putting on kids’ snow gear burns more calories than a 3-mile walk.

Snowy T

I also shoveled the driveway and front walk.

Walk of Stars

And G-Bunny made a mini Snowman and his Snowcat. T-Man was inside already.

Snowman and Snowcat

When I finally came in, the kids had Hot Chocolate with Mini-Marshmallows, because I’m The Best Mom Ever! and I put the wet gear in the dryer while we ate lunch. We also watched these guys in the back yard.

Pondering Quail

The kids are currently back outside and building/playing in a snow fort in the front yard. This is the best picture I got since it’s so dark already. The kids were ducking from me, hence the blurry pink and green spots.

Snow Fort Blur

It finally feels like Christmas is coming!