Hubby got home about 7 pm tonight. He’s absolutely wiped out and not really sure how he will make it back to the store in the morning. Today was his day off and he was at the store for a full day, so you can only imagine what the rest of his week will be like. We are hoping that his crew makes it home safely tonight because the road conditions were bad when he left.

It has started to snow here at the house finally and we still have no wind. The predictions are for the next 12 hours to be the nastiest and I plan to be in bed for most of that. If we wake up to no power then we will roll with that. It was almost more stressful waiting for it to go out all day.

If we have power (and internet connection) tomorrow, I have pictures to upload from today. Hubby brought home a card reader and a wireless mouse for me, so that will make things much easier. This touch pad is a bear to adjust to.

I’m off to bed…