It’s beautiful outside right now. Sunny and the world is covered in snow, pure white and very sparkly. The thermometer is sitting at 6.3* right now, up from 4* before sunrise. We are cozy and warm with the fire on and the knowledge that we don’t have to go anywhere today.

However, the forecast is for a HUGE windstorm with snow to hit later this morning or early afternoon. We prepared yesterday for the possibility of being without power for a few days. We have water, an alternate heat source, canned food and easy snacks ready. I cleaned yesterday while we had power, the dishes are done and the bathrooms aren’t scary. I vacuumed and moved the cat’s litter box in from the garage. That was mostly so that I could seal up the cat door and prevent heat loss into the garages. Hubby moved the snow blower into the garage and set up the chainsaw for me before he left.

Oh, right. Today is his day off and he left a little bit ago to go in to work. Today was the Employee Luncheon and he felt he needed to be there. He is packed with a change of clothes, his heavy boots and a sleeping bag, in case he gets stuck at the store. He also has the 72 Hour bucket with him in case he gets stranded on the road.

I’m preparing for him not to make it home for up to 5 days and hoping that we don’t lose power at all.