It seems like I’ve crammed three weeks into this last one. I’ll start at the beginning.

A week ago today we were shoveling the driveway and watching G-Bunny do this:

Happy G

Oh, and watching the neighborhood teenagers do this:

Cast of Characters

Number One there is NOT wearing a shirt. It was about 20*, but sunny. He was also only wearing his slippers. I’m sure his mother is very proud. Number Two, AKA Seahawks Fan, is the test pilot for this activity. I’m not really sure why Number Three is there, except for pushing power. Number Four is trying to give me the Evil Eye.

In action

At least Seahawks Fan had a helmet. They combined both a slippery piece of wood AND the trash can, hoping for the ultimate slide.


And he’s off! Sort of. They succeeded in spinning him in circles for about 20 feet and he gave up. I was really hoping Number One would wipe out, but that didn’t happen either. The entire thing will probably be on YouTube, since Number Four was filming the attempt.

Instead, Number One went home (before his mom found out he was running around without clothes?) and the hill got really crowded.

Stoopid Teenagers? Check. Family with Kid Sledding on the Sidewalk? Check. Big Truck and SUV going up and down the hill? Check.

Crowded Hill

This was before we got more snow and the roads got bad.