Christmas is THREE days away and I am in denial.

We have lots of gifts (as we always do) and we are at that last-minute panic point for Hubby. I try to buy gifts that everyone wants and I really made an effort this year to pick things that 1) didn’t require batteries 2) would serve double-duty for schooling activities or 3) was handmade. This is in direct conflict with Hubby’s job in Retail. I also needed his help to shop because 1) the kids are always with me and 2) I have been snowed in for most of the last week. This means that every night this week, he has come home with gifts in his car and they were shuttled upstairs and put in my closet. Where they all sit, unwrapped, calling to me today.

Well, except for this one.


I baked one double-batch of cookies last week and we are still working through them. The kids and I made 4 Pumpkin Rolls on Friday, three for Hubby’s work luncheon and one for us. Ours here at home was gone in less than 12 hours and Hubby thinks I missed the voting at work because they were already gone. That is the extent of my holiday baking this year.

Making Pumpkin Rolls

I did some minimal decorating. The red ribbon fell off the pillars on the porch and I never bothered to fix it or take it down.

Christmas Porch

Instead, I have been playing on my new laptop, shoveling snow and helping the kids with their snow gear.

Skiing and the Snowfort

We have a cross-country ski track around the whole house now.

Lower Loop

I got my skis out on Saturday and helped G-Bunny pack down some new track. This is the only picture T-Man got and I’m overshadowed by the Tower of Emergency Food on the table.

Mom Skis and the Tower of Emergency Food

We got T-Man out on skis too. The poles we have are obviously too short for him, so he went without and did just fine.

T-Man Skiing

I’ve been joking that we have Ski In and Out access now, like all the big resorts.

This is the back door, complete with the summer tiki torches and the fuel can for the snow blower.:

Ski In Access

And this is off the front porch:

And Ski Out Too