I woke up this morning at 7:30 am, warm and with Hubby still in bed. I shook him awake, only to be told he was going in later. Later turned out to be not at all, so that was a surprise. The bottom line was I was wide awake, everyone was still sleeping and the power was on.

Sadly, the only thing I got accomplished with my “Me Time” was a pitiful start to moving my iTunes library from the Desktop to the Laptop. It’s mostly the way I want it and I’m tired of messing with it.

We tidied the house because as a direct result of Storm Watch 2008, there were piles of batteries and candles mingling with the paper moved from the computer desk mixed with craft supplies and tied up with the yarn Hubby brought home the other night. Of course, as soon as I moved the plastic forks and portable heater into the garage, the power went out again.

Hubby and the kids went outside to build on the snow fort and I started knitting on the second mitt for this pair in the candlelight and quiet.

One finished mitt - My Hand

It’s going quickly and I will probably finish it in the morning.

The power was back on in less than an hour, but the house had already dropped two degrees in temperature. We are getting ready for the next storm to come through tonight and expecting about 8″ of new snow. That’s on top of the 15″ or so, already in the yard.

I may not be able to drive my car in town until Spring.

Hubby has to work tomorrow and has already arranged for a ride with an employee who has a 4×4 vehicle. I need him to buy and bring home wrapping paper in order to be completely ready for Christmas. I haven’t bought Christmas paper in at least 5 years and remembered yesterday that I was going to need more. Thankfully, with the way the economy is right now, I’ll still be able to find some and not have to wrap gifts in Happy Birthday Frogs.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!